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An Introduction To Joint Mobility

joint_mobilityIf you are into your training for the long haul (who isn’t?), you’ve got to make joint health (back, shoulders, knees etc) a top priority.

Those of us getting “long in the tooth,” have undoubtedly accumulated aches, pains and restrictions in our joints… Years of accumulated strain, stress and impact takes a toll on the body.

Joint mobility drills improve joint range, stability and function. If your joints aren’t aligned properly, you’re just “grinding yourself up,” with your training efforts.

Unless you’ve got your body parts moving naturally and efficiently, activities like pounding on a heavy bag or throwing a kettlebell around can do more harm than good.

Even though I’ve being do it for decades, I’ve been researching the concept of joint mobility intensely lately and have started doing JM drills first thing in the morning… My joints haven’t felt this good in years!

I’ll be writing more about joint mobility on the blog, but in the meantime, I came across a great clip by Steve Cotter to give you an idea of what I’m talking about…

About Randy LaHaie

I’m the founder of “Protective Strategies,” a training and consulting company providing self-defense and combative fitness solutions to law enforcement, high-risk professionals and private citizens since 1994. I am a retired police officer, court-declared expert in use-of-force and critical incident performance, and a life-long student of self-defense and combative fitness. “My Thing” is to help people incorporate functional and minimalist workout strategies to improve their health, fitness and personal safety.

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