Multiple Attackers 101

Defend Yourself Against Multiple Attackers

multiple_attackersDoes your self defense training account for the fact that you may be attacked by more than one assailant? If not, can you really consider yourself prepared to defend yourself?

If you’re not training to deal with a street fight against more than one opponent, you’re self- defense training is incomplete. PERIOD.

Being attacked by more than one assailant is definitely a worst-case scenario but it’s also a reality of crime in modern society.

Crime statistics mean very little on a case by case basis. Often they are limited to crimes where the victim is defeated or seriously injured.

Escaped, defused or successfully defended confrontations are far less likely to be reported to the police and less likely to be included in crime statistics.

That being said, FBI crime stats indicate that 3 out of 7 sexual assaults are committed by multiple attackers. With the increase of street gangs and violence from young people, the probability of multiple assailant crimes will only increase.

There can be no guarantees in a street fight. Each encounter is unique and brings with it dynamics and circumstances that make it a one of a kind situation.

That being said; there ARE concrete principles that determine the outcome of confrontational situations. The more complete and accurate your understanding of those principles are, the greater your chance of success will be in defending, defusing or escaping from one.

You Have To Think Ahead

Hoping that this type of situation doesn’t happen to you, or “worrying about it when the time comes” is the WORST thing you can do. An attack by multiple assailants is a challenging, confusing, chaotic situation that will be accompanied by intense fear, stress and danger.

Under stress the parts of your brain responsible for creative or logical thought are impaired. Your ability to “think up solutions on the fly” will be compromised.

Your behavior is far more likely to be based on past thinking, experience and training.

To complicate things even further, intense stress also impairs your ability to perform coordinated and complex movements. Techniques that you practice in the safety of your self-defense or martial arts class may not translate well to the harsh reality of a street fight.

The purpose of this series is to take a good, hard, realistic look at multiple assailants street fights and provide you with some food for thought about the dynamics involved and strategies to consider if you were to encounter one.

I can’t tell you if you read this information that you will perform successfully in a violent clash with multiple attackers. No one can hold out such a guarantee.

However, this information lays out your “best bet strategies” that have the highest likelihood of giving you the edge and increasing your probability of successfully dealing with a multiple assailant encounter.

If you have any questions or comments about the contents of this report, please feel free to contact me at . Let’s get started…

What is a Multiple Assailant Encounter?

A multiple assailant encounter is a criminal act of violence or intimidation involving more than one perpetrator.

Responding effectively to this type of situation requires specialized knowledge about the dynamics involved and strategic responses intended to destroy the advantages of a group dynamic.

What is the probability of finding myself in a Multiple Assailant Encounter?

I have a problem with reading too much into crime statistics. By analyzing the lump sum of generic encounters, we tend to generalize about incidents that are far from generic. Every encounter is unique. Every situation is different.

Crime statistics don’t reflect unreported incidents. In particular, incidents that are successfully avoided, defused or escaped are unlikely to be reported to the police.

I’d prefer to tell you that multiple assailant encounters DO happen and, if you are serious about self defense, you need to consider that you may be confronted or attacked by more than one person.

Keep in mind that human predators are cowards. They seldom target victims that they perceive to be strong, willing and able to fight back. They don’t pick someone to rob, rape or mug who stands a good chance of kicking their ass!

Often these predators will bolster their sense of power, safety and anonymity by ganging together to outnumber their intended victim.

With the youth crime and gang violence becoming as wide spread as it has, you are as just as likely to be targeted by a group of attackers as you are by a single assailant.

If you’re serious about developing a realistic ability to defend yourself, you’d better give the idea of an attack by multiple assailants some serious thought.


In the next post, I’ll discuss the five critical success factors that will determine the outcome in a street fight.

Table Of Contents for this multi-part tutorial:

1 – Five Critical Success Factors In A Street Fight

2 – Three Deadly Myths About Multiple Assailant Encounters

3 – Four Fatal Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In A Multiple Attacker Street Fight

4 – Five Self-Defense Response Strategies For Multiple Assailants

5 – How To Understand and Influence Pack Psychology

6 – Four Strategic Escape Options

7 – Pre-Attack Signals & Body Language In A Multiple Assailant Encounter

8 – Psychological Warfare For Multiple Assailant Street Fights

9 – Nine Street Fighting Tactics For A Multiple Attacker Encounter

10 – Eight Multiple Attacker Training Methods


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