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When Does Justified Force Become Excessive?

Previously, I wrote a post about “justified force” is.  You learned that the law grants people the right to use force to protect themselves or someone else from the violent actions of others.  However, it might grant the authority to use “some force,” it doesn’t provide specifics on how much […]

Learn To Fight… So You Won’t Have To

Fighters Are Seldom Picked On As someone who’s been teaching self-defense for over three decades, there’s many things I can say with confidence, and here’s one of them… trained fighters are seldom picked on or victimized. I’ve seen it over and over again.  People turn to self-defense training and the […]

Seven Down And Dirty Eating Tips For Fat Loss

What’s nutritional advice doing on a Self-Defense Blog? Actually, I’m throwing this info at you because I get a lot of questions about the connection between combative training and weight control.  To focus exclusively on training strategies and NOT provide at least a nutritional overview would be an incomplete answer.  […]

How Much Trouble Are You In?

“Reasonalby Perceived Vulnerability” Component #5 of my self-defense system, involves “Self-Defense Response Options”.  This aspect of the program addresses the fact that there is a range of response options available to you in a volatile situation. The key is to be clear on your moral and legal rights to defend […]

Combat Fat: The Yin And Yang Of Fat Loss

Why is Combative Training so good for fat loss? In addition to providing you with self-defense skills to protect yourself…  combative training (boxing, kickboxing, martial arts) is an excellent form of exercise for health, fitness, performance enhancement and more specifically “fat loss.” Combative training is an excellent “full-body” exercise (the […]

Kettlebell Training For Combative Conditioning

“The Closest Thing You Can Get To Fighting, Without Throwing A Punch!”  That’s the quote that first caught my attention as a surfed the Internet researching information and resources that would expand my knowledge of self-defense and combative training methods.  That search has since lead me to a device that […]

The Less-Is-Best Principle…

What Is The “Less-Is-Best” Principle? Some self-defense and martial arts instructors believe in the “More-Is-Better” philosophy. They think that learning a high number of techniques will increase the ability to respond effectively to a wider variety of situations.  They believe that an elaborate fighting system is more adaptable and effective […]

Exactly What Is “Justified Force” In A Self-Defense Situation?

There are Four Criteria Of  “Justified Force?” The concept of “Justified Force” is something that should be on the mind of anyone who is preparing to protect themselves and deal with violent and volatile situations either personally or professionally. Many self-defense instructors ignore this subject all together, which might be a […]

What Size Heavy Bag Should I Buy?

The size and weight of the heavy bag you train on is a matter of personal preference and also dependent on where you hang it and what you are hanging it from. Most people hang it from the main support beam of their basement using a large eye hook screwed […]

Focus Pads: My Best Kept Training Secret

If you asked me to teach you as much as I could about proper hitting fundamentals, real quick in as few training sessions possible… If you asked me to let you in on my favorite piece of combative training equipment… If you asked me what training method would give you […]

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