Get Strong, Hit Hard & Toughen Up!

Boxing Glove Drills For Fitness & Fighting Skills

Question: Hi Randy.  My wife and I have been doing Krav Maga now for 3 months so we consider ourselves “beginners” relative to someone with years of experience.  We’re really enjoying reading your book. (Toughen Up Training Manuals) We’ve learned basic punching, kicking, elbows, knees.  We also purchased focus mits […]

Heavy Bag Injuries And How To Avoid Them

Question Hi Randy, I found your articles on heavy bag training to be extremely helpful. I have been boxing ( for fitness and self defense ) for about 8 months. During that time I managed to get the classic boxer’s sprain. I had an X-ray, and nothing was broken. When […]

A Dual Approach To Self-Defense

Unless you’ve been living in a cave all of your life, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the concept of “Yin And Yang.”  Even if you don’t fully understand it,  you will… The more you learn about self-defense (and life in general), the more you’ll come to understand how profound the concept […]

What Is Combat Conditioning?

“Functional Fitness That You Can Bet Your Life On.” … That’s the tagline I use for my “Toughen Up Training Guides,” and the essence of my philosophy about self-defense training.  Its also why I consider combative training to be the best health and fitness investment you could possibly make. As […]

Bare-Knuckle Bag Work (Tough Or Stupid?)

Question: Do you recommend a vertical (old, pugilist style) or horizontal ( modern, corkscrew boxing style) fist for self defense punching (on the street, no gloves)? Also, is there a heavy bag or heavy bag equivalent that one can use with bare knuckles, simulating a real street confrontation? Answer: I […]

The Benefits Of Toughen Up Training?

The goal of Toughen Up is to develop strategies and methods of becoming a “tougher” person.  The information that you’ll gain from this blog and Toughen Up Training Guides will create “Toughness” on several levels and in various forms.  Tougher means more motivated and deliberate. The essence of Toughen Up […]

Three Degrees Of Bad Guy Behavior

ALL confrontational behavior is NOT created equal.  There are different degrees of threatening and violent behavior… and knowing the difference will allow you to respond in the most effective, morally appropriate and legally justified way possible. Just how bad is that bad guy behaving?  How much of a threat is he to […]

The Tao of Toughen Up (Where Fitness Meets Self-Defense)

What is TOUGHEN UP all about? Everybody wants to be “tough.”  Contrary to what many people might think about this term, a tough person is not mean, callous or violent.  Rather a tough person is healthy, motivated, strong, resilient and self-confident.  A tough person is ready, willing and able to “handle” whatever […]

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