Get Strong, Hit Hard & Toughen Up!

You Don’t Know A Thing If You Can’t Do A Swing!

Ok, maybe I was a little over to top with my title… But you’ve got to admit, it’s catchy! The purpose of this post it to recommend the kettlebell swing as a valuable addition to your combative workouts. I consider it to be one of those “maximum-results-minimum-effort” exercises. (not that […]

“The Brass Knuckle Effect” – Improving Your Odds In A Streetfight

What Would You Do If This Happened To You? Imagine being on the threshold of a serious, life-and-death streetfight, mugging or sexual assault. You’ve been confronted by a big, ugly, piece-of-dung who has singled you out as his next conquest. Talking your way out of this is getting you nowhere. […]

The Nuts And Bolts Of Awareness – Part 3

In this post, I’ll be discussing a crucial component of Self-Defense Awareness, which is the ability to pay attention to cues and danger signs relevant to your ability to detect and recognize a potential threat. Note: This is the 3rd of a 3-part post about Self-Defense Awareness.  If you haven’t already […]

The Nuts And Bolts Of Awareness – Part 2

This post is part 2 of a 3-part series on Self-Defense Awareness.  If you haven’t already read it, you can  click on this link for Part 1. Effective Self-defense Requires a Map The brain’s ability to recognize and understand anything is a result of having a mental map or blueprint […]

The Nuts And Bolts Of Awareness – Part 1

What if violent criminals looked different? If they did, and you knew what gave them away, would that reduce the chance of becoming their victim? You bet it would! Unfortunately rapists, muggers and other violent criminals seldom look any different than “normal people.” The good news is that they can […]

You’re A Dope If You Don’t Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an underrated and overlooked exercise. It’s an “ancient practice,” that has been a part of combative training for centuries… Boxing, kickboxing, martial arts and wrestling have all incorporated it. Jumping rope is simple, but it’s not easy. Many people are put off of jumping rope because there […]

Complacency: The Silent Killer

“That Would Never Happen To Me!” When you think about a violent incident from the “armchair of retrospect,” it’s easy to assume that the victim was careless, complacent and oblivious to the warning signs that must have existed as the situation unfolded.  You take the position that he or she should […]

Victim Selection And What To Do About It

The more prepared you are to deal with a violent situation, the less likely you will have to. Preparation Equals Prevention People are drawn to self-defense training for a variety reasons. Sometimes, it’s because they’ve been bullied, harassed or victimized in the past. Sometimes they haven’t been but are concerned […]

6 Focus Mitt Training Tips To Protect Your Hands

I got an email recently from Gina who is experiencing pain and cramping in her hands after her first training session with focus mitts.  I thought I’d share our discussion… Gina Writes:  “Hello, I just wanted to ask a quick question.  I have had my first pad work session and […]

Confidence And Self-Defense

Why Is Confidence Important For Self-Defense? It’s not what happens in life, but how we perceive it and what we do about it. To most people, the thought of being confronted or attacked is terrifying. That’s healthy and normal but not necessarily your most desired response. Fear and stress activate […]

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