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Great results require great resources. I have personally used or evaluated each product or service on this page. These are my top recommendations. Hopefully, they’ll help you as much as they’ve helped me.

Note: Some of these resources are affiliate products or services, meaning if you buy them, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please know that I have personal experience with all of the following resources, which is why I recommend them.”

Combative Training & Self-Defense

Toughen Up Training Guides – Currently I have four Toughen Up Training Guides… Power Punching, Heavy Bag Training, Focus Mitt Training and a bonus guide on Defending Yourself Against Multiple Attackers.  I have intentionally kept the price of these guides low, to encourage you to get directly involved with the discussions and training methods that I write about on the blog.  I highly recommend that you download my eBooks and join the “Toughen Up Tribe.” (not that I’m bias or anything ;-))

Body Weight Exercise

You Are Your Own Gym – This 3-DVD program on bodyweight exercise was developed by Mark Lauren, former trainer for the US Military and Special Forces.  It provides novice, intermediate and advanced workout using no equipment.  The program is excellent and at the top of my recommendation list for body weight training.

You can read my review post on the program at:

The Naked Warrior – This title is available in both book and DVD format.   I suggest you get both.  Presented by Pavel, the premise of the program is the development of great strength using nothing more than your body weight.  He focuses his attention on the one-arm push up and the one-legged squat.  It’s much more than just a program about two body weight exercises though.  It is a profound lesson about how to “practice strength” and how to tweak and perfect body movement for maximum strength and performance.

Pushing The Limits – Total Body Strength With No Equipment by Al Kravadlo. (eBook)  This eBook, provides excellent instruction and training guidance about body weight training.  The author, Al Kavadlo, divides his body weight training system into three fundamental movements… pushups, squats and “inversions.”  The info in this resource can provide years of training.

Convict Conditioning – This is an excellent book written by a former prison inmate named “Paul Coach Wade.”  The premise of the book is how Wade developed his system by coaching inmates how to train to be ridiculously strong using body weight exercises only.   He divides his program into 6 “power moves” with 10 progressions that bring you from beginner to advanced levels of conditioning.  Being a former police officer, the idea of buying a book written by an ex-con felt a bit strange… But after reading the book and applying its recommendations ,I can’t argue that it’s an excellent program.  If you did nothing more than follow the Convict Conditioning protocols, you’d end up in phenomenal shape!

Kettlebell Training

Enter The Kettlebell – This is the resource that got me started in kettebell training by the “guru of kettelbells,” Pavel Tsatsouline.  The title is available as both a book and a DVD.  I recommend that you get both of them.  There is content in one that’s not in the other, and they compliment each other perfectly.  If you’re new to kettlebell training, this is where you should start.

To read a review I did on this product click here.

Kettlebell Boomer – This is a DVD designed specifically for us “Baby Boomers.”  If you are a “mature athlete” or perhaps just getting back into working out, this is an excellent resource.  Andrea DuCane provides an intelligent yet thorough kettlebell game plan with options for adjusting the difficulty of the exercises.

Kettlebells From The Ground Up – This two-DVD set focuses extensively on a crucial kettlebell exercise that will work every muscle in your body and prefect the way you move, the “Turkish Get Up.”  This exercise is especially important to combative athletes, martial artists and self-defense practitioners because it will stabilize and protect your body from inury.  If you want to dig deep into your kettlebell training and get the best instruction possible, this resource is it.  These disks aren’t cheap (about $80), but they’re worth it.

Kettlebells From The Center – This two-DVD set is part of the same series as the product I mentioned above.  Once again, the authors Gray Cook & Brett Jones go into great detail into two key kettlebell exercises:  the swing and the push press.  Several other “patterning” and supplementary exercises are also included.  The material is phenomenal.

Joint Mobility

Encyclopedia Of Joint Mobility – by Steve Maxwell is the best, most comprehensive resource I’ve found for joint mobility drills… The program consists of 3 full-length DVD’s dividing the exercises into 8 volumes.  After only a couple of weeks doing the joint mobility drills in this program, my joints have never felt better.


Training Equipment

Gymboss Timer – I use my Gymboss pretty much every workout and can’t recommend it more highly.  The Gymboss is a compact, inexpensive workout timer that allows you to set your work to rest intervals for combative drills, kettlebell circuits and all kind of interval training variations.  Even though the new smart phones have timer apps that will do a similar job, the Gymboss is smaller, more durable and less expensive than a cell phone if you lose or break it.  For about $20 you can’t go wrong!

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