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The Benefits Of Toughen Up Training?

The goal of Toughen Up is to develop strategies and methods of becoming a “tougher” person.  The information that you’ll gain from this blog and Toughen Up Training Guides will create “Toughness” on several levels and in various forms.

 Tougher means more motivated and deliberate.

The essence of Toughen Up and the pursuit of martial arts is not about acquiring a collection of techniques and concepts.  It’s about integrating a deliberate plan of action to move you toward your goals and being the person you want to be.

It’s about “TRAINING.”  The person who sits on the couch hoping for something different in life is not tough.  The tough person knows what he or she wants, knows what he or she has to do to get it (or is willing to find out) AND is willing to invest time and energy on a consistent basis to move in the desired direction.

Tougher means more resilient emotionally.

Dr. Jame’s Loher in his excellent “Mentally Tough” book series, talks about the about the connection between training (exercise, nutrition and recovery) as having a dramatic effect on your emotional resilience.

He describes Toughness as: “to become more flexible, responsive, strong and resilient – emotionally, mentally or physically – in response to stress.

A of focus toughen up training is to expose you to “waves” of stress and recovery and in doing so develop emotional toughness through physical exercise.

Physical and emtional stress share common biochemical and neurochemical foundations, and becasue of this, physical toughening often leads to autmatic increases in emotional toughening.

The circut/interval nature of Toughen Up combative training is idea for not only physical development but also in increasing your mental/emotional toughness.

Tougher means more resilient physically.

I can’t count the number of people who engage in an training and exercise program with the best intentions only to be sidelined by an injury because of overzealous or improper efforts.

I know many martial artists and contact-sport athletes who have virtually crippled themselves by failing to acknowledge proper body mechanics and injury prevention as a top priority.

From nagging aches and pains, to torn muscles, to hip and knee replacements, to shoulder surgery, the consequences of bad training habits are far too common.

Toughen up training strategies place injury prevention as a top priority by ensuring that you avoid self-destructive training activities.  Much of my focus is in improving the strength, resiliency and health of your body.

Tougher means you can fight if you need to.

The metaphor of Toughen Up is self-defense.  The fitter you are, the more successful you are likely to be in a violent encounter.  Toughen Up combines functional fighting drills that will develop skills AND fitness.  The supplementary exercises are intended to not only contribute to your health and fitness but also to enhance your performance in a fight.

Tougher means becoming a “Tougher Target.” (An unlikely victim)

My research reveals time and time again that the people most likely to be victimized by bullies, rapists or muggers are those who project an image of being either unwilling or unable stand up to or fight back against their attacker.

The potential of you ever becoming a victim is largely influenced by your self-confidence, the way you move, and how aware you are of your surroundings.

Toughen Up training prepares you for a fight.  You can’t “fake” endurance, strength or coordination.  The athletic qualities that you will develop through Toughen Up training will decrease your “victim profile,” even if you don’t know it.

Tougher means being more functionally fit.

Dedicating your life to the sole purpose of “beating people up,” is a pretty superficial goal.  Combine that with the fact that you will probably go through your entire life without ever encountering a violent situation it’s a pretty hollow endeavor.

That being said, the combative training drills and supplementary exercises are designed to develop full-body, functional fitness that will serve you in ALL areas of life.  The lifting, carrying, bending, twisting actions that you do on a day to day basis will all be enhanced by the well-rounded approach of Toughen Up.

That’s just scratching the suface of the benefits of the Toughen Up training programs.  Hopefully you’re starting to see that there are many qualities of toughness that the right training activities have to offer.

About Randy LaHaie

I’m the founder of “Protective Strategies,” a training and consulting company providing self-defense and combative fitness solutions to law enforcement, high-risk professionals and private citizens since 1994. I am a retired police officer, court-declared expert in use-of-force and critical incident performance, and a life-long student of self-defense and combative fitness. “My Thing” is to help people incorporate functional and minimalist workout strategies to improve their health, fitness and personal safety.

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